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Biblical Reader Communications publishes articles, papers, and books on a wide variety of biblical and theological topics, written by Sam A. Smith. Feel free to read, enjoy, and comment.

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Sam A. Smith is a graduate of LeTourneau College (now LeTourneau University), and holds graduate degrees from Columbia Biblical Seminary, Liberty University, and Dallas Theological Seminary. He has been been involved in various aspects of Bible teaching for over forty years. He and his wife Gail live in the greater Raleigh, North Carolina area where he teaches and writes.

Recent Articles

Time for a Mental Workout!   <<NEW!
-A quiz and discussion of thirty-three highly significant propositions

Recent Creation
Why Recent Creationism is neither biblical nor scientific, and what it’s doing to Christian youth.

Part 1: The Bible Does NOT Teach a Recent Creation!
Part 2: Why Recent Creationism is Illogical
Part 3: Recent Creationism—Astronomy Tells a Different Story
Part 4: Please, Stop Crippling Your Kids!
Part 5: A Brief History of Creation Views

The Biblical Doctrine of Personal Apostasy
A discussion of why people “walk away” from the faith, and why a saved person can never be lost again.

Part 1: The Case for Eternal Security
Part 2: Personal Apostasy

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