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Time For a Mental Workout!

Notes on Tribulation Chronology

Regeneration and Indwelling in the Old Testament

Two Significant Problems With Harold W. Hoehner’s Chronology of the Life of Christ

What the Bible Says About Angels

The New Pretribulationism

Why Matthew 24:36-25:30 Describes the Rapture Rather than the Second Coming

Daniel 9:24-27: The Prophecy of Daniel’s 70 Weeks

Four Part Series on the Problems of Pretribulationism
Part 1:   Is the Doctrine of Imminency Capable of Proving Pretribulationism?
Part 2:  Does Pretribulationism’s Wrath Argument Prove Pretribulationism?
Part 3:  How Pretribulationism Has Almost Destroyed the Doctrine of Imminency
Part 4:  Some Final Thoughts on Rapture Theories

What the Bible ACTUALLY Says About the Future

Were the “Lost Gospels” Really Lost?

Three Myths About Eternal Rewards

The Non-Christian Anti-cosmic Roots of Amillennialism

Four Part Series on The Relationship of Faith and Law
Part 1: The Purpose of the Law
Part 2: The Superiority of Faith to Law as seen in Hebrews 7-9
Part 3: The Superiority of Faith to Law as Seen in Galatians 2:1-5:26
Part 4: The Superiority of Faith to Law as Seen in Romans 3:21-10:15

How the Amillennial Conception of the Kingdom is Developed

Understanding the Biblical Doctrine of Sanctification

Hosea: The Unfailing Love of God

Who is “the Seed of Abraham”?

The Biblical Doctrine of Personal Apostasy

Who Wrote the Psalms of David?

What the Bible ACTUALLY Says About the Origin of the Universe

Regeneration and Indwelling In the Old Testament

The Biblical Basis of Premillennialism

The Problem With Covenant Theology

Will the World Be Won to Christ Before He Returns?