The Story (Find the Purpose for which You were Created!)
A six minute video that explains why we are here, the problem of evil, and how we can be rescued and restored to our created potential.

My newest book, The Coming Utopia, published in April of 2021

Books Authored by my friend and former Pastor, Dr. R. J. Waggoner

The Robert Dick Wilson Collection

This is a collection of the journal articles of the Old Testament Scholar, Robert Dick Wilson (1856 – 1930). As a graduate  student in the mid-nineteen eighties studying Old Testament, I was introduced to Dr.  Wilson’s writings through the Princeton Theological Journal.  For years I was disappointed that this highly significant material was inaccessible to all but a few people who had access to a seminary library. In 2008 I decided to make Dr. Wilson’s material available on the Internet, thus was the beginning of the Robert Dick Wilson Collection which was hosted for about nine years on my previous web site ( The collection has since been moved to a more up-to-date mobile friendly platform where it is hoped that it will be even more accessible.

Resources for Intelligent Design, Creationism, and Human Evolution

Lucy, She’s no Lady

Dr. David Menton discusses the “Lucy” fossil (Australopithecus Afarensis)

Inherently Wind

Dr. David Menton documents the many misrepresentations of fact, in Inherit the Wind, the play and movie about the Scopes trial.

Dr. David Menton’s response to VOX video

Unlocking the Mystery of Life

An excellent presentation of intelligent design from a biological perspective

The Privileged Planet

An excellent video presentation of intelligent design from a cosmic perspective