The Inspiration of the Bible

Sam A. Smith This brief article is not intended as an apologetic directed at skeptics of biblical inspiration; that line of reasoning would need to be quite different. This information is for those who are already committed to some form of biblical inspiration; it seeks to document the Bible‚Äôs own claims about itself, and the … Continue reading The Inspiration of the Bible

The Non-Christian, Anti-cosmic Roots of Amillennialism (Realized Eschatology)

Sam A. Smith (Due to the length of this article, only a brief introduction appears here; to read the entire article, click or tap HERE.) As the Church expanded into the Greek and Roman world, Christianity was, over time, quite literally transformed into a non-Jewish and somewhat anti-cosmic religion. While some modern religious scholars seem … Continue reading The Non-Christian, Anti-cosmic Roots of Amillennialism (Realized Eschatology)