Biblical Future Prophecy –Part 9: Notes on Tribulation Chronology

[This is the ninth in a series of articles on biblical future prophecy. The material has been adapted from the author’s book, What the Bible Says About the Future, second edition, 2011, by Sam A. Smith. To jump to the next article in this series tap or click here.]

Just as it is important to understand the events of the tribulation, it is also important to understand the chronological relationships those events bear to one another, and to other major prophetic events, such as the rapture of the Church and the millennium. The development of a chronology of tribulation events is not a simple task, but it is rewarding because it greatly aids our understanding of the events themselves. In this article we will address three areas of chronology: 1) absolute external chronology—when the tribulation will begin with respect to the present; 2) relative external chronology—when the tribulation occurs in relation to other prophesied events; and, 3) internal chronology—the approximate chronology of tribulation events.

[Due to special formatting required for tables and illustrations this article is only available in PDF format. To continue reading this article click or tap  here.]

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